It is almost the most magical time of the year for the pest control technicians at Noble Way Pest Control. No other major holiday celebrates bugs, pests and rodents like Halloween. The ultimate in creepy crawly, scary things. As much as you would think the opposite, we really do like the bugs, pests and rodents that we make our living getting rid of. We know it sounds a little crazy.

Creating a Pest Free Environment

dreamstime_xxl_12203817It works something like this, at Noble way Pest Control we are committed to providing a safe and pest free environment for our clients. Reaching that goal includes much more than simply spraying our proprietary natural pyrethrum. We have been striving for more than 20 years to understand the critters we are ultimately trying to get rid of. The educational portion of being Sacramento’s pest control professionals is never ending. We strive to be the company you call when you have a pest issue and we will never stop trying to become the best.

We Love The Creepy Crawlies!

Back to the subject of Halloween. We love Halloween because, well, we love spiders, rats and other gross creepy critters. We also love to celebrate them when we get the chance. It is wonderful to see little yapping dogs dressed up as spiders and rats. The kids could even dress as a Noble Way Knight! With fake spiderwebs everywhere we tend to feel right at home, as we deal with the reality of spider webs on a daily basis. It is nice to see them celebrated, even if it is only once a year.

Have Fun!

So get out there and celebrate the creepy things. Eat all the candy you want, dance in the creepy glow of a pumpkin that is on fire! Long live the creepy things! But seriously, if you have an issue with really creepy crawlies give the professionals at Noble Way Pest Control a call today!