In our previous blog, we started giving you the signs of what it would look like to find rodents in your home. In this blog, we will be focusing the rest of our time on what your home could look like if there are rodents hiding in and around your home! These tiny creatures are the worst to get rid of, unless you have Noble Way Pest Control on your side! Our team full of professionals know how to track down the pest and rodents that are hiding, and you can count on our team to solve the issues they’re causing!

Look For Clues

More signs of rodents being present include finding tracks or runways through the cupboards of your kitchen, in your garage and in random places throughout your home. You could also find all of the nesting materials that they have found! Nesting materials include everything from plastic bags, bird seed and paper. If you find pieces that have been left behind by these little rats or mice, we are confident that you have a mice or rat problem. You may have noticed some problems going on inside the house, but have you taken a look outside your home? Sometimes you can find where the rodents are entering into your home!

Recognize the Warning Signs

We hope that the above signs that we have given you will help you to realize that you have a real problem on your hands. Trust our pest and rodent control team at Noble Way Pest Control in Sacramento to have all of your problems solved! Visit us online today to request an appointment.