Who really thinks that bed bugs can happen to them? Not many of us, I will bet. We keep our homes clean, and practice good hygiene and yet there are bed bug infestations in Sacramento all of the time, regardless of your address. The thing about bed bugs is they are an opportunistic critters that will latch on to anyone, regardless of social status. It used to be thought that having bed bugs was associated with unsanitary conditions, while much more common in dirty environments, these crafty little beasts will hitch a ride just about anywhere. At Noble Way Pest Control, we specialize in bed bug eradication and treatment, and we have seen them in places you would not expect. The important thing is to get rid of them and unfortunately they can be quite resilient.

Keeping It Together

We know that it can be a bit traumatic having bed bugs in your home but take heart, it happens much more than you think. We get it, and it is completely okay to freak out but be sure to pick up the phone and call Noble Way Pest Control; instead of grabbing the lighter and a can of hairspray. Freaking out about bed bugs is completely natural and having an infestation is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean that your home is unclean or your family is dirty. Bed bugs are transferred into your home, they do not spontaneously seek out your home. It’s not like there is a squadron of bed bugs searching for the ideal home to infest, they simply hitch a ride and see where they end up.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Many times, bed bugs can be found in hotel rooms, the home away from home for many a business travelers. These bed bugs can have origins in airports, subways, and even taxi cabs. Unfortunately, many hotels have been the site of a bed bug infestation which means when unsuspecting guests check in, they bring home unwanted guests. Regardless of the methods that hoteliers employ to eradicate bed bugs on their property, they are tough little buggers and can be tricky to kill. Fortunately, in your home they are much easier to not only find, but send packing, so to speak.

Call In The Noble Way Knights

What do you do when you have unwanted guests, particularly little creatures that come out at night and suck your blood. (Wait what?) What we would do is kick them out, unless of course they were the kind of bloodsuckes that fight the wolf guys but we are pretty sure that is not real. Noble Way Pest Control has years of experience in bed bug eradication and we can put together an effective treatment plan to get rid of those bed bugs. Remember, when you have a bed bug problem we are there for you and we get it, it’s okay to freak out at first (put down your Elon Musk flamethrower), and make sure you call the bed bug treatment professionals at Noble Pest Control.