At Noble Way Pest Control, we have seen our fair share of bed bug infestations across the Sacramento area. Of course, no one wants tiny parasites living in their homes. While bed bugs love finding a new food supply to feed on during the night, waking up to itchy bite marks is not something that anybody is all that fond of. There is no arguing that the sheer thought of small brown critters crawling around your bedroom is enough to want them exterminated, but are bed bugs really all that dangerous? We take a look here. If you’ve been searching for a reliable bed bug pest control company in Sacramento, you’ve come to the right place. 

Do Bed Bugs Carry Diseases?

According to the CDC, no, bed bugs do not carry diseases. While they do bite humans and animals, leaving small red marks on the skin, this has never been shown to cause any disease. It makes sense for it to be in a bed bug’s best interest to not infect an organism that they are reliant on. That being said, we understand the uncomfortable feeling that can result in small, itchy bumps all over your skin. 

What Health Risks Do Bed Bugs Pose Then?

As stated, the most common health risks that bed bugs impose are excessive itching. The bumps that they leave on your skin can look similar to mosquito bites, but tend to last 1-2 weeks longer. Typically, there is no real danger unless you cannot resist the urge to excessively scratch the bites. 

In more severe cases, people may experience an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. A mild response can typically be treated with a soothing cream. More severe reactions that include large rashes and hives should receive professional medical attention. There have also been studies that have revealed the mental impacts that a bed bug infestation can have on individuals. In an age where mental health is of utmost importance, we highly encourage you to not live with the anxiety of annoying pests living in your home.  

What Are The Signs Of An Infestation? 

Bed bugs are not always easy to detect right away. Most often, bite marks on your skin will be the first sign you notice that tells you that they may have taken up residence in your bedroom. Other than that, you can look for brown spots that they often leave on furniture or sheets, or exoskeletons that they shed after molting. Bed bugs are professional hiders, and if you expect to find them actively crawling around during the day, you will likely be disappointed. 

How Do I Treat Bed Bugs?

If you are dealing with bed bugs in your Sacramento home, it is time to call the Noble Way team. We have helped hundreds of families rid their homes of annoying bed bugs, and are proud to be one of the most experienced local bed bug extermination teams. Feel free to visit our site to learn more about us and the other extermination services that we offer in California!