1. The Mouse Hole

    Do you ever wish that when mice came into your house, it was easy to find them? You would find them sitting in their little archway-shaped hole in the trim; eating a piece of swiss cheese and  watching TV. The cat would occasionally chase them and hilarity would ensue. I would recommend, if this is the case, that you keep the dynamite on the top shelf, but that cat is pretty crafty. Odds are, if …Read More

  2. Steer Clear Of Pests

    No one is pleased to discover that there are pests or rodents living in their home. You may not see the actual pest at first, but more of a trail of what they have done. Trails of food or feces are good indicators of unwanted pests living in your home. When pests get into your home they find a place to nest, and then they explore your home for food. The first thing to do if you suspect pests in yo…Read More

  3. We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These Rodent Traps

    When rodents infiltrate our lives, we need to put on our thinking caps and come up with an exterminating solution. A solution that will last. A solution that is like no other. A solution that will get that rodent problem under control for the sanity of your family and the cleanliness of your home. Sure, you can head to your local hardware store and get a snap trap, but that involves removing a par…Read More

  4. Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home

    There’s no better way to get mice and other rodents out of your home than to never let them in at the beginning. Rodent proofing your house is a necessary chore to make your lives easier and better in the future. Just as you enjoy living in your home, rodents want to move in as well. No, means no, rodents! It’s essential to be thorough about your preventive rodent control for your home in Sacr…Read More

  5. Traps And Other Methods Of Killing Mice

    Get the pesky mice out of your home for good with traps and poison that kills them on the spot. Sometimes it’s possible to successfully get rodents out of your home without killing, but if there is a larger infestation, killing can be the best rodent control method for your home in Sacramento. Killing mice doesn’t have to be brutal and bloody. These three ways allow you to kill a mouse that mo…Read More

  6. What To Do When Rodents Invade Your Home

    Did you just see something out of the corner of your eye? If it was a small and quick scurrying motion, I can almost promise it wasn’t Mickey Mouse, but it was probably one of his cousins. Mice tend to invade and hide in homes during summer and winter to escape the excruciating Mother Nature elements. Chances are you didn’t invite the mice in, so what can you do about rodent control for your h…Read More

  7. Let Us Find The Rodents!

    Spring has finally arrived, which only means that the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and all of the pests and rodents that you thought you got rid once and for all are back! Although spring is a beautiful season that brings the most perfect temperatures, the pests that it can awake aren’t very thrilling. Heed The Warning Signs Pests and rodents are known to get into your home, but y…Read More