1. The Dirty Secrets Behind Your Walls

    When mice and/or rats get into your home they can cause a number of problems. Having these creatures sharing your dwelling is not only disgusting, but it can also be dangerous. Mice and rats carry a number of diseases that can be deadly to humans, trigger allergies, and eat your home and belongings. Rodent Diseases Let’s take a look at several different fatal diseases that rodents have been know…Read More

  2. Evicting Mice

    Have you ever felt as if you were not alone in your home, as if something was watching you? Perhaps your cookies have been torn into, your apples have been nibbled on, and your dog’s food has mysteriously spattered about the floor. Bad dog, you think, but what if it isn’t good old Spot? What if something else is lurking in your home? These are signs of a mouse or several mice depending on the …Read More

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    Tips For Keeping Your Home Pest Free

    Pest and rodent control is easier than you may first think. Although pests seem to find their way into your home one way or the other, there are some ways you can increase pest and rodent control into your home. Noble Way has some tips for Pest Control. Don’t Feed The Pests This seems simple. Why would you deliberately feed your ants that crawl your floor? You don’t do it on purpose, but you c…Read More

  4. Remarkable Winter Pest Control in Sacramento

    Let’s face it, when it starts to get cooler outside and temperatures drop at night, it is more likely that all the little rodents will start to find the smallest holes and imperfections in your home, so that they can stay warm at night too! These little creatures could be the smart neighborhood squirrel that always seems to tease your dogs, mice that seem to burrow through every bag of dog food …Read More

  5. Rodent Dangers From The Rodent Control Experts In Sacramento

    Rodents and pests can be very frustrating, but they can also carry diseases that can make you and your family sick. Here at The Noble Way Pest Control, we care a great deal about keeping pests and rodents out of your homes and businesses, but we also want to make sure you know the dangers of these infestations. If you need rodent control help in Sacramento, don't wait another day to call us. We're…Read More

  6. 4 Signs You Need Rodent Control In Sacramento

    Here at Noble Way Pest Control, we've been Sacramento's source for prompt, courteous, and reliable pest control for over 21 years. We love serving our customers and answering their questions. Rats and mice can be a huge problem for households and businesses, but unfortunately rodents are sneaky and they're hard to be detected. While rats are messy, if you don't find their hiding place, you might k…Read More

  7. Some Signs you Need our Rodent Control in Sacramento

    Since we know that you are most likely afraid of rodents, we know you’ll appreciate our understanding of them. It has taken years of experience and years of successful eradications in order for us to feel more than confident we can handle whatever rodent infestation you may have. Our rodent control in Sacramento will root-out the source of the infestation in order for the complete obliteration o…Read More

  8. Squirrels Be Gone – Rodent Control in Sacramento

    Belonging to the family Sciuridae, squirrels are considered to be small to medium sized rodents. This family includes chipmunks, ground squirrels, tree squirrels, marmots, flying squirrels, woodchucks, and prairie dogs. This entire family of rodents has been considered by many to be some of the most annoying pests a home or property can experience. From their incessant twittering to their habitual…Read More

  9. Properly Equipped Rodent Control In Sacramento

    Since there are so many types of problems that can come with so many types of rodents, there is a great need for a rodent control company in Sacramento that understands all of them. Fortunately for residents that know that they need a company with a complex understanding of the way a species can have several subspecies, they have us to rely on. We are more than equipped with enough knowledge, expe…Read More