1. The Animal Friendly Way To Trap A Mouse – No Killing!

    Mice deserve to live in the free outdoors where the sun shines, wind blows and grass grows. However, sometimes mice forget how much they love living outside and take a field trip into your home. When you notice mice are visiting, it’s time for some rodent control in your Sacramento home. First things first - chances are that cute mouse is venturing in alone to scope out the situation. However, i…Read More

  2. Where Do Rodents Enter Your Home?

    If you’ve been following our past blog posts, then you already know that our incredible rodent control services can help to rid the mice and rats that have been hiding out in your home. We’ve already told you very common places where rodents like to hide out in, including high places like closets and cabinets where they tend to make their bedding. Today we’ll be giving you some insight on ho…Read More