1. What Creepy Crawlers Are Popular?

    Living in Sacramento, you have probably seen a few pests here and there, but if your home has been overcome with more pests than you are comfortable seeing, Noble Way Pest Control is here to help! At Noble Way Pest Control, we can provide you with the pest and rodent control that you need, so that you can live comfortably in your own home again! So Many Pests... When it comes to pests and rodents,…Read More

  2. Where Do Rodents Enter Your Home?

    If you’ve been following our past blog posts, then you already know that our incredible rodent control services can help to rid the mice and rats that have been hiding out in your home. We’ve already told you very common places where rodents like to hide out in, including high places like closets and cabinets where they tend to make their bedding. Today we’ll be giving you some insight on ho…Read More

  3. Where Do Rodents Hide?

    The nights are cold and the days are getting longer, which only means that pests are finding their way into the nooks and crannies to make your home their home. Coming to realize that you have a rodent or pest problem in your home can be extremely frustrating! We understand that discovering pests or rodents in your home can spark many questions. You’ll be asking yourself, where are the rodents h…Read More

  4. Remarkable Winter Pest Control in Sacramento

    Let’s face it, when it starts to get cooler outside and temperatures drop at night, it is more likely that all the little rodents will start to find the smallest holes and imperfections in your home, so that they can stay warm at night too! These little creatures could be the smart neighborhood squirrel that always seems to tease your dogs, mice that seem to burrow through every bag of dog food …Read More

  5. When Buying A House In Sacramento, Look For Pest Infestation Signs

    Here at The Noble Way Pest Control, we like doing things the right way: the noble way. We not only want to service your homes and businesses to help you with rodent and pest control in Sacramento, but we also want to help the members of our community by giving sound advice and recommendations. As the housing market is on the rise, we're getting a lot of our customers and potential customers asking…Read More

  6. Control Your Home’s Environment

    Keep It Clean In our previous post, we gave you the basic information that you would need to know about what we do and where we do it! Today however, we will be giving you the specifics that you need to be aware of, so that you can know you are getting the services that you need to have your pest problem controlled once and for all. Pests are annoying, dirty and can get in the way of daily life, a…Read More

  7. We take Charge of Pest and Rodent Control in Sacramento

    From spiders to scorpions to rats to bats, there are always many concerns for homeowners to be consumed with. Protecting one’s family is the job of an adult, which is why we take what we do very seriously. We know that there are thousands of potential diseases that pests and rodents can carry with them, most of which can and will harm humans that come in contact with them. This addressing concer…Read More