1. Pests? You Don’t Have To Deal With It!

    When the subject of pest control comes up we generally think about your run-of-the-mill bugs and critters that tend to be found in your home. The creepy crawly spiders, the gross mice, and the ever so lovely cockroach. Then there are the bedbugs. Just the name itself is enough to make you cringe with the heebie jeebies. Just yuck. Now, many of us will see a spider in the basement and not think muc…Read More

  2. The Dirty Secrets Behind Your Walls

    When mice and/or rats get into your home they can cause a number of problems. Having these creatures sharing your dwelling is not only disgusting, but it can also be dangerous. Mice and rats carry a number of diseases that can be deadly to humans, trigger allergies, and eat your home and belongings. Rodent Diseases Let’s take a look at several different fatal diseases that rodents have been know…Read More

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    The Earwig Takeover

    There a number of disgusting creatures that can find their way into your home. Once they arrive, they unpack their bags and find a place to stay. I mean who wouldn’t want to stay in a nice, temperature controlled house? No matter the pest, it is unwelcome. One specifically nasty guest that seems to show up a lot in houses all over the United States are earwigs. These gross insects come in 20 dif…Read More

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    The Five Most Common Home Pests

    Pests are disgusting. Having uninvited guests is bad enough, but when they are the creepy crawly kind it is so much worse. Many insects remain dormant during winter and then rear their ugly heads when temperatures begin to climb in the spring. While any pests have the potential to invade your home, according to a survey done by multiple exterminators the most common unwelcomed household pests are …Read More

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    Prepare Your Sacramento Home With Noble Way Pest & Rodent Control

    The chilly weather is creeping into Sacramento which means pests and rodents are starting to creep into your home. Escaping the cold weather isn’t just for humans; pests and rodents must be controlled so as to not disturb your home’s peace. Not only are pests and rodents undesirable, they can carry diseases which can cause long term damage to you and your family. The start of pest and rodent c…Read More

  6. Use These Signs As Rodent Control This Winter

    Rodents are furry little critters that try and make their home inside your home during the winter. That’s just not acceptable. You spend your hard earned money to ensure your home can protect you and your family; you just don’t have the extra resources to support the community rat pack. It’s a great idea to get a free quote for a rodent inspection to ensure your house has the proper defense …Read More

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    Say Scram To Pests and Rodents

    We pride ourselves on having beautiful homes. We keep them well kept, collect nice decor, and look forward to having our own sanctuary to go home and relax in after a long day's work. Unfortunately, pests and rodents love our warm, well-decorated homes too. Keep the rodents and pests away with Noble Way Pest Control of Sacramento. Rat Infestation Rats are one of the worst visitors to find in your …Read More

  8. We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These Rodent Traps

    When rodents infiltrate our lives, we need to put on our thinking caps and come up with an exterminating solution. A solution that will last. A solution that is like no other. A solution that will get that rodent problem under control for the sanity of your family and the cleanliness of your home. Sure, you can head to your local hardware store and get a snap trap, but that involves removing a par…Read More

  9. Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home

    There’s no better way to get mice and other rodents out of your home than to never let them in at the beginning. Rodent proofing your house is a necessary chore to make your lives easier and better in the future. Just as you enjoy living in your home, rodents want to move in as well. No, means no, rodents! It’s essential to be thorough about your preventive rodent control for your home in Sacr…Read More

  10. Why Do Pests Like Your Home?

    Have you recently found bugs in your home? It’s hard to believe that pests want to live in your house. There’s no grass to crawl, no flowers to eat, and no dirt floor. I’m sure your place is a lovely home, but why do the bugs like it? Seasonal Changes When the weather changes and gets cold outside, the bugs gravitate toward the warmth of your home. The ground freezes so bugs can’t burrow t…Read More